Thank you!

WOW!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you've done to support the 14 Days of Giving! The random acts of kindness always warm my heart as I watch these sweet children, and the pride on their faces as they deliver precious notes to teachers, give a flower to a custodian, help a neighbor unload groceries, or help make dinner for grandma. THANK YOU for doing the random acts, and thank you for posting them or sharing them with us!

When we put our hearts together, miracles happen!!! We not only made it to our Grand Prize and goal of $10,000, but we surpassed it. With a total of $10,753.76 as of 3:00 p.m. today, and more donations that were sent in that still have to be added, we are THRILLED to say we are very close to $11,000. We will pay for iXL for 2019-2020, will use the extra funding to make sure that programs like Robotics, Battle of the Books, SeaPerch, and more are funded.

First grade won the grade level prize with $2860.09. That's 19% of our students who brought in 27% of the funds in 10 days!! WAY to GO first grade!!! You should see the dusty pennies and sticky quarters students were finding in couch cushions and piggy banks and grandma's coin purse just to make sure they were the winners of this competition...they're an amazing group of focused individuals...and second grade gave them a REAL run for their money.

SO...if you haven't sent in your donation yet, it's not too late!!! (We did hear some 5th graders comment they didn't see the perk in participating for a next year prize--read on!) We use these fundraisers to pay for SeaPerch, Robotics Club, Battle of the Books, and more...there could be more to come! It's not too late to make a difference for our children and avoid buying catalog items or food products. This fundraiser is 100% middle man, no product, no hassle. Send in your funds and we'll report back if we hit another big milestone, and make sure the students benefit from every dime that is donated. (We do take donations all year long if your company does a matching program, or similar perk--what a gift!)

SO...we will have a calendar full of fun activities between now and the end of the year to make sure that students receive their rewards!! We were so excited to let the students and teachers vote for what the Grand Prize would be, and there was a 3 way tie--so we decided to give them ALL three for such a great fundraiser!! The Grand Prizes will be:

Mrs. White "grounded" to the roof for the morning,
a Dance Party with the principals on recess, and
a Teacher Swap for the afternoon.
What a fun day that will be--watch for news for that later in the spring!

Again--thank you, thank you, thank you!! Thank you for helping these competitive, eager, focused, amazing children meet their goal! YOU made the DIFFERENCE! We are SO lucky to have so many generous givers in our school. I thank you for making student success a priority by helping us fund these important experiences for our children...and for recognizing with us, that student success sometimes looks like taking a break for a fun relay race, having popsicles with the principals, coming together in a school-wide crazy hair/sock/hat day, and building community and relationships by doing random acts of kindness together. We sure had fun, as did the students, and will continue to do so as we give their rewards throughout the spring. We are making memories with children that will last a lifetime. We are SO very grateful.
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