Drop Off & Pick Up

We have moved bus drop off and pick up to the front and car drop off and pick up to the back .

We will no longer have cars on the front curb dropping off or picking up students.  All car traffic will be around the back, on the playground.  Buses will now be using the front lot in the morning and afternoon.  The only change to that is in the morning, students who are tardy will need to enter the front doors of the school. 

ANY time the gate is closed, the front entrance should be used.

Morning procedure:

Cars will enter the side lot, drive around to the back of the school onto the playground, and pull to the curb near the café.  Allow your child to exit the vehicle on the side nearest the school.  Once you’ve dropped your child, feel free to leave the premises by carefully pulling away from the curb and into the traffic lanes.  The children will enter the café doors and staff will be supervising every day from 7:45-8:15.   

Also new this year is the admit time to the building due to this change and supervision of students.  Students arriving before 7:45 will be sent to daycare. 

Afternoon procedure:

Gates will open at 2:50  each day for cars to pull onto the playground.  Cars should pull all the way around the side lot to the playground in this format:  1st through 5th grade and siblings:  please drive in a single file line, with the first car before the stairs at 5th grade end of the building.  Kindergarten families should pull into the middle lane, pulling up to the stairs on the fifth grade end of the building near the basketball courts.

At dismissal (kindergarten  3:05 and 1st through 5th grade 3:10), we will begin loading the students in the order in which they are lined up.  You will need a car tag for dismissal so please ask for one if you’ve not received one yet.  Place your child’s last name on the tag.  Siblings will be dismissed together beginning at 3:10.